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Feels like a whole New Start

Julia CunninghamComment

Well it feels like a whole new chapter for my business Julia Cunningham, Ju-C with a new website. Amazing how a deadline can spur you into action, my Tictail shop was to close at the end of March so in the course of a month I have made hundreds of decisions about how I present my business to you all and worked my way through many videos and online tutorials. The hardest part is knowing when to stop and get it published. It is quite addictive.

So here it is, my new website which I have built not quite on my own but with a big help from friends and family. Their help has been invaluable so a big thank you to you all.

The website has links to pages where you can purchase my products directly from me . It also has product information pages where you can find out a bit more about each style of handbag and my accessories. You should also find links to all my terms and conditions and a little more information about me, just in case you wanted to know about my small business and who made your products. Everything on the website has been designed, made and packaged by me.

Coming up in the next few months you will hopefully see a few changes to my branding, and more bags and accessories in store. I might even manage a few newsletters, so don’t forget to sign up. It is my aim to continue to blog, to let you know a bit more about me, what inspires me and my products.

Hopefully you will enjoy my new site and I will try to keep it fresh and interesting for you. Thanks for taking the time to pop over and have a look.