Julia Cunningham

Handbags, accessories and gifts designed and made in Scotland

Keeping things simple and Individual

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I have kept my business small over the years. Just me designing and making all the products. It means that when you buy from me you know that I have designed and made your bag or scarf just for you. If you want want to commission an item then we can make all the design decision together. So that you get what you are looking for.

I only purchase very small quantities of fabric so that there are only ever a few or in many cases just one of each product this means that you are getting a product that is often unique and very individual. It also means that if you visit for a commission I have quite a library of fabric for you to choose from. My products can be quite funky with lots of clashing colours and patterns. However they can also be quite subtle and understated so that you have lots of choice.

I make all the straps and handles for all the bags this puts the Ju-C stamp on it, keeping everything just a little bit different.If I am making a bag for you, you can request any different length of strap for any shape of bag, shoulders or cross body bags. Making the bags very personal for you.

I use the simple button and elastic closures on my products. These are simple and easy to use and keep my products quite distinctive. I purchase very good quality elastic for this purpose and am always happy to replace it if there are any problems with it.

I like making products that are practical, that have a purpose. I like to use the beautiful cloth that is woven or printed locally. I like to use simple techniques but in creative ways so that the products I make stand out and are fun to use.

You can buy my products directly from me through my website or you can buy my products from one of the galleries, boutiques or gift shops I supply. They all stock different collections and can be found in quite different locations from the Borders to Japan.

Individuality is one of the values that underpins a lot of my work so that my bags, accessories and gifts are always different and fresh. So that when you come across Julia Cunningham products you will always be seeing something new and interesting.