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The Muckle Fantoosh

Julia CunninghamComment

The Fantoosh is the original bag that inspired the Julia Cunningham label to come into being and has stood the test of time. It has taken Julia to Japan to the British Fairs in Hakata and Osaka and it has brought a Japanese film crew to the Scottish Borders.

You can find this bag in Tweeds, Tartan and printed Linens which are sourced locally in and just across the Scottish Border. It can also be made up in vintage cloth or in fabric of your choosing.

With small developments and improvement over the years. The iconic padded handles have reduced in size to be more comfortable and the internal structure is quite robust so that it keeps its shape. It usually comes with quite bold over-sized buttons and a strong elastic closure.

Each standard bag is made from 15 hand cut pieces of cloth unless it is from the funky collection which has quite a few more panels. They have an internal structure which gives them shape but which is soft enough to allow them to be folded flat so are great for sending as gifts or for travelling. It also means you can get a fair amount into them. Being fabric they are also quite light in weight before you start to fill them up. The linings and handles can either be in a plain fabric that compliment the bag or in tartan.

The bag makes a great gift for a friend, family, someone leaving work or of course for yourself.

The Fantoosh ( meaning pretentious ; ostentatious) a quirky bag in a design that you dont see everyday, bag thats just a little bit different.